SALE! 25 for $20! All Flavors - Loose Cookies.

SALE! 25 for $20! All Flavors - Loose Cookies.

$20.00 Booyah!

We have overstock from our most recent bake! 25 loose bites for $20!

All three flavors included!

Cocoa Goji Mojo Bites is our “chocolate lovers fix” – not too sweet, slightly salty and really dark - this bite is all serious chocolate flavour with some goji berry superfood hiding in the mix.

Apple Cinna Summit Bites is our “good home cookin’ comfort food” flavor – like Grandma’s Apple Pie – sweet, warm flavors of apple, raisin and cinnamon….like a big hug! These actually taste like butter in apple crumble but they’re vegan….

Lemon Cran Trail Bites is a refreshing, zippy, tart flavor balanced nicely with a bit of sweetness that all just floats deliciously on your tongue. Great for a mid-day pick me up!

Nutritional Facts located in the photo below!