About Us

Great Bear Paleo Bites

Great Bear Bites – Paleo-friendly fuel for all of life’s adventures.

Our bites are Paleo Friendly, Gluten-free vegan nutritional snacks. They provide extreme natural nutrition for the grizzly within.

Inspired by the great bears of BC’s rugged wilderness, our paleo bites are a nutrient packed source of energy, chocked full of natural ingredients that deliver the fuel you need for your most demanding adventures.

Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and nuts – they are perfect for the whole family, whatever their needs.

Grab a bite and go big!


Lots of people ask us – “How did you get started?”

Great Bear Paleo Bites are from a Crossfitter for Crossfitters following the Paleo diet – this started back in 2008 when Tracy, our founder and creator, began Crossfitting in Perth, Western Australia. There she learned more about how to support her training goals with improved nutrition (which is a constantly awesome learning journey….)

Taught to bake by her Mom and Grandmothers as part of family time, Tracy has been baking since the age of 3. Former geologist turned sustainability specialist, Tracy Lydiatt holds a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability (Sweden). She is an award-winning sustainability advisor, educator and author passionate about sustainability empowerment and change.

Tracy has watched the merging of allergen free diets with the Paleo way of eating over the last five years. In late 2012, she chose to shift from being a home-based baker, supplying her peeps at her Crossfit gym, to a larger endeavor able to serve more people seeking to eat cleanly. Since then, we have grown, reformulated and expanded our product offerings – all intended to support clean eating and living.

We are really proud to be grain free, vegan and free of wheat-soy-dairy and nuts! (dairy = no butter/no eggs). We hold a gluten-free certification. 


Awards & Mentionables

Great Bear Paleo Bites

  • Nominated for BC Food Producers Association – Best Product of the Year Award 2014
  • Finalist for BC Food Producers Association – Rising Star Award 2014

Tracy Lydiatt - Creator

  • Winner –2011 Woman of Worth (WOW Canada) – Sustainable Living award
  • 3 time TEDx speaker on Sustainability