Great Bear Bites: More information about our two new ingredients: Cultured Dextrose and Green Tea Extract.

By Great Bear
Posted in Great Bear Blog, on August 17, 2016

Dear Great Bear Paleo Bites valued friends and customers:

Recently we’ve been fielding some concerns about the cultured dextrose we add to our product and our claims to be vegan.
Our core values include honesty, integrity and communication.

In the spirit of sticking to our values, we’d like to share the following info about the cultured dextrose ingredient in our cookie recipes:
    - the cultured dextrose is a form of glucose derived from a non-GMO plant base
    - it is considered vegan and we’ve attached a certificate from the manufacturer
    - more info here: (glucose-based)

The volume of each ingredient in relation to the finished weight contribution of each cookie is:  
Cultured dextrose: 0.36 grams (42gram cookie)
Green Tea: 0.0124 grams (42 gram cookie)

We deeply appreciate the concerns we’ve fielded as it means you care about the product we make and the quality of foods you choose to bring into your home/life.
We count ourselves blessed to be part of your shopping choices.
Please be in touch with us with any further inquiries and we’ll do our best to help!